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-- The Guest House --

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honourably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a g
uide from beyond.


-- Rumi



Please find below testimonies by some of my wonderful patients, whom I have had the honour and the privilege to work with, it has been a pleasure to know them and I count myself the luckiest person, who gets to help others heal and transform their lives.  Thank you all for giving me this opportunity and this invaluable gift. Your courage and resilience humbles me beyond words.





"Dear Bahareh I feel honoured to write this testimony, you have truly helped me to find myself, it wasn't an easy journey but we did it and I remind myself every day that the work is not done and I must keep going but for now thank you for getting me to this place, where peace and contentment resides...


I was so lost and chaotic when I first contacted Dr Bahareh that I could barely speak when we initially met.  Her gentle and complete presence was so calming that I was able to share and shed the weight of the past overwhelming and traumatic 5 years in a matter of months.  There were times where she listened, times where she gave guidance and support and times where we sat in complete silence.  I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for someone to help you heal your past wounds and to help you forge a way forward." - G.H. 

"I cannot recommend Dr Bahareh enough, she is sharp, intelligent, kind and knows her stuff.  What I found most helpful was the way she formulated and skillfully delivered certain questions and interpretations that really helped me to understand my actions and behaviors better.  She's not afraid to challenge you and for me that was very important as I can be quite stubborn.  She not only helped me to understand and address my addictions but really she helped me to find my way back to me. She helped me to have a better relationship with me and with those around me.  I think it also helped that she understood my culture and background and the traumas related to it". -- C.B.


"Therapy with Bahareh is a journey of true self discovery, a review of the past through the lens of analysis, philosophy and spiritualism.  I had seen two other therapists before seeing her, when I was much younger as a teenager and a decade later when I lost my father to cancer so I knew what to expect.  Well I was wrong...because what emerged from our sessions were beyond my expectations and more.  I was feeling quite depressed and dealing with an acute addiction when I came to see her and within a few sessions I realised that I had not really dealt with the past and really struggling with my present situation.  I was so surprised by how comfortable I felt with her, how much I shared with her in such a short period of time.  She has this ability to make you feel at complete ease with her and yourself, it was both cathartic and revolutionary.  I told her after a few months that she is a lie detector in shape of a therapist lol she agreed!  I am a connoisseur when it comes to lying and manipulation and she was able to see right through it, and actually maybe I was tired of lying.  From the outside I am a successful CEO, with a beautiful family and friends, a man who has it all I guess but the reality is far from this and therapy enabled me to see this clearly.  Bahareh's empathy, intuition, careful and thoughtful analysis, understanding, interpretation and suggestions helped me to break a life long addiction and emotional turmoil that I had been in for years.  It was a difficult and rewarding 8/9 months and I am so grateful for each and every session we had.  Thank you Bahareh for everything, especially for being so compassionate and patient, and for calling my bullshit!!!." -- P.O.

"I saw Dr Bahareh for a period of one year, I was very skeptical about doing therapy online but as I had moved out of London and had no access to her face to face and she came highly recommended to me by a close friend I thought I would at least try it for a few sessions.  Immediately I felt at ease with her, her warm smile and intense eyes were both welcoming and slightly intimidating, it was as if she could see into my soul.  I know that sounds weird but it's the only way I can explain it.  Our conversations were very intense and painful (for the first 3/4 sessions) and I soon realised that I had been suffering from severe depression and quite a bit of anxiety.  Bahareh was able to help me see and ultimately accept what many couldn't, whether it was my GP, past therapist or family and friends.  She was knowledgeable, frank, open, empathic and I guess just real and that's really what I needed.  I started opening up about my family history and what I felt happened to me during Covid.  She understood how the Covid times left me feeling, desperate, lonely and resentful, even now I feel the long term effects of it and she really got it.  I was not sure what to expect especially as it was going to be on Zoom, I had had therapy before so I knew how it worked but honestly therapy with her was quite different, more hands on I would say and it went a lot deeper, both into my past and my present state.  We also addressed a lot of my fears and worries about the future and how to manage that better.  I highly recommend Dr Bahareh, if you want to delve deep into your psyche with the intention to move on with your life and to better understand yourself.  I feel much happier, healthier and I'd say even resilient and it's all down to the therapy I had with her." -- P.S.

"Many tears were shed, many thoughtful and insightful conversations were had and in between even some laughter was shared.  I never knew peace until we started working together.  You said peace would come but I never believed it until one fine day I was able to smile again.  Grief is a terrible thing to bear but knowing you were there every week, listening, holding and bearing the weight helped me to pick up the pieces.  I came to you to help me get over my partner's death but you taught me that I must learn to build my life around it instead.  I can't thank you enough for that.  Nothing quite explains the process of therapy but if you're out there and you're struggling please get in touch and know that help is out there and healing is possible but you must be patient and dedicated.  I highly recommend Bahareh and her approach to therapy and to life, a mixture of human touch, empathy, philosophy, rationality, hard truth and ultimately reconnecting with your innate human spirit." --- G.N.

“Dear Dr Bahareh it is an honour to write this testimony, you have been a guiding force in my life since the day I met you two and a bit years ago.  I cannot thank you enough for being a voice of reason, you are the most empathic and understanding person I have ever met.  I can see the growth in my personal life and my professional life without a doubt.  My wife reminds me every day that I am a better man for having decided to seek therapy.  She often tells me that I am no longer irritable and can actually express how I feel without the need for sarcasm, jibes or general bickering.  My mood has lifted and even though I am no longer on medication I don’t feel the pangs of anxiety that I had when we first started working together.  Your guidance with meditation and mindfulness practices have been equally helpful and the more I express, write, exercise and meditate the more grounded I feel.  Needless to say we have much more to talk about but for now I am a better person for having started this journey.  Yours truly Matthew…”. – M.B.

“Dr Bahareh how can I ever thank you with these words, I can’t, it won’t do it justice.  You saw me at my worst and not once did you judge nor did you flinch when I told you the most gut wrenching parts of my life experience.  I needed that, I needed someone to not be put off or scared of my darkest thoughts and darkest memories and boy did you manage it with grace and love and care.  I was able to unburden myself and for me that was the most cathartic and helpful transformation.  Not many people can stay with the suffering of another, they always have something to say, a positive spin or a seemingly helpful advice but you didn’t do that, you just listened and helped me be with my pain, this was the greatest gift you gave me and only when I was ready you helped me move on by showing me a way forward towards light, towards hope.  Thank you for being my therapist.” – S.H.

"I had been through severe depression, a compulsive addiction and was suffering with high levels of anxiety when I came to see Bahareh. She has the rare ability to help people reach the very root of their eternal issues and an abundance of patience to help them work through it at their own pace. With her high level of insight and years of experience she was able to really take me beyond what I would say many other therapists could not. She also has the integrity to suggest a holistic approach to healing when talking therapy may not be enough. In addition, she helped me identify that I have adult ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and I received an official diagnosis from a psychiatrist after working with her. Bahareh was able to recommend reading materials and coping strategies that have greatly helped me manage the condition.  As a trainee counsellor myself, I have seen many experienced therapists in action but honestly speaking, none matched the depth and precision at which Bahareh was able to help me understand the core reasons behind my issues and facilitate change for the better. I cannot recommend her enough for people who are seeking help to overcome any issues relating to mental health."  -- K.P.


“What I loved about Dr Bahareh was her wholistic view in helping me to address my issues.  I could tell she has very little ego as she did not feel that she was the only person or way of therapy that can help me move on from my deeply intrenched issues, she did not claim that she could help ‘fix’ my issues or that talking therapy was the only way forward and I really appreciated that.  She recommended me to see others while seeing her to help me with my body, my spirit and my energy levels.  She was highly knowledgeable when it came to therapy but also felt it was important for me to heal on EVERY level, no therapist had ever said that to me before.  I was glad that she knew many ways that can help me get better.  She is serious yet kind, empathic yet a kick ass and I needed all of that.  Bahareh thank you for helping me on my journey, I can’t believe how far I’ve come in the time I’ve known you.  My partner is equally happy and thankful…the other day he said he’s ready to do therapy too, who would’ve thought it, not me…!!!” -- N.B.

“I’ve been a client of Bahareh’s for close to four years. To say she has helped me change my life would be an understatement. When we initially met, I was lacking in self awareness, unaware of why I was reacting the way I was to situations and ill equipped to handle any of the hardships I was dealing with. Therapy itself was something I was quite cynical about, it felt like a stab in the dark and I was convinced it wouldn’t help.  At first, I simply enjoyed speaking with Bahareh - again not thinking anything real was happening. Over time, however, I found myself opening up while also becoming introspective - solely because of how safe the space Bahareh had created with me was. I am such a die hard advocate of therapy because of how great the experience has been for me. The tools Bahareh has equipped me with are invaluable, I find myself doing the work we used to do in our sessions in everyday life. This has put me in a position where I’m able to handle and react to circumstances in a much healthier manner. I also know that if I ever do need that helping hand, I’m able to reach out to her always and I could not be more thankful for that.” -- D.K.

"Dr Bahareh is not just a psychotherapist but what I would call an insightful visionary, she could naturally and clearly see how each thought, emotion and subsequent behaviour I have had has led me to the decisions I have made and certain consequences that came as a result.  She could even foresee the ones that I would be likely to make in the coming future. She was a bit spooky in that way!  Her unique perspective and carefully thought out approach to problems and solutions is what I appreciated most about her.  She knew just what to say and when, in order to get me thinking deeply and introspectively.  Each question she posed led to an opening of conversations that both moved and helped me understand my patterns better.  Each week I was able to transform our work into concrete action.  This has meant a better and more loving relationship, firstly with myself and secondly with others.  Since starting my sessions with her, I am much more self-aware, compassionate, patient, boundaried and lastly more energetic.  She’s the fuel I desperately needed, an injection of insight, positivity and a way forward." -- P.M.
"Thank you for always holding a space, for hearing me out and always being so encouraging. Thank you for helping me to find the strength to bear the weight of emotions that feel unbearable and for telling me that I’ll be ok.  You’re so caring, compassionate and wise.  You have a huge heart and I love how honest you are.  This past year has been increasingly challenging but I’m learning that pain is power because it pushes me to create art.  Through your care and support I am learning to be there for myself and to dig deep and touch the sore spots in me.  You help me to feel heard, seen and understood, something which I’ve never had.  Everyone needs a Bahareh in their life – I have learnt so much from you.  I am learning to be more accepting of where I am at.  You’ve held space for me in my darkest moments as well as the light.  You’ve helped me to work through challenging thoughts that make me feel like I don’t want to live.  Thank you for believing in me, accepting me and for making me feel like I matter." -- P.D.T.
“Bahareh is an intelligent and intuitive listener, both empathic and proactive and for me that is exactly what I needed.  I went to see her about a work situation that was really getting me down and causing me severe stress and many sleepless nights.  I had also noticed that I was drinking heavily and playing video games almost daily (for hours) to somehow escape the agony and anxiety I was feeling.  Six months on and we uncovered issues from my past that I never knew were bothering me.  It all fell into place as she helped me uncover a difficult childhood, bullying at school and honestly many unhappy years in my adulthood too! Interestingly it all somehow connected to my work situation and my relationship patterns with others.  My general lack of boundaries, people pleasing behaviour and co-dependent tendencies were amongst a number of things I learnt about myself.  Bahareh’s reassuring manner and candour helped me immensely at a time when I felt both lost and alienated from myself and others.” – C.B.
“Hi Bahareh, just to say I am doing really well.  I’m still sober, meditating, exercising and enjoying the smaller and bigger things in life.  I joined a local football team recently and it’s been so good for me, I've made a lot of new friends AND I got that promotion last week!  It’s all falling into place and I know it’s all down to the work we did together, honestly thank you so much." – O.H.
"Thank you Dr Bahareh for all your support and insightful suggestions, your fierce confidence and intuitive observations led me to this point, where I feel hopeful and dare I say positive about my life, and I can’t thank you enough for it.  Your proactive approach to my issues, as well as your deep and relentless empathy has led me to a life of possibilities, you could see it but I couldn’t.  Your patience never wavered.  Although we finished our work together, your kind and firm voice remains in my head, cheering me on and telling me that I am enough...!" -- J.L.
"Sharp, astute, to the point, deeply knowledgeable and utterly empathetic. Need I say more, well just that I always felt you genuinely cared about my well being and knew that you never judged, no matter how frank and dark our conversations got.  You always had my best interest in mind and at heart and I knew that, even when you challenged me with your kind yet no nonsense observations.  Thank you for everything Dr Bahareh, I can't believe the journey I have been on and I am forever grateful for all your wisdom, analysis, kindness and even sense of humour.  I'm so glad I picked up the phone and reached out."  -- K.B.
"I was suffering from the devastating effects of an addiction and went to see Bahareh in the hope that she would help “fix” the issue. Bahareh created an environment where I felt completely secure and safe and together, we uncovered a history of pain and trauma that I hadn’t ever realised or understood. Over 18 months, I learnt how the coping mechanisms I used to get through childhood trauma were driving my destructive adult behaviours, and through understanding them and coming to terms with them, I learnt how I could take control of my thoughts and urges and make smarter, more rational choices. This journey has been the single most transformative experience of my life. It has allowed me to have healthier, honest relationships, to be less judgemental and more compassionate, and to be present with my friends and family. Bahareh is a genuine, authentic, honest therapist and most importantly, easy to talk to. If you ever ask yourself, “why do I do these things”…Bahareh will help you find the answer. I will never forget this experience and can never thank Bahareh enough." -- N.R.
“I saw Bahareh following the breakdown of my marriage, the loss of my job and finally the death of my father, it all happened within a year and it sent me into severe darkness and depression, and my self-confidence was at an all time low.  At first I bottled it all up (with a lot of alcohol and food), as a middle aged man I was not very good at expressing how I felt or even knew how I felt, my life had been years of keeping up appearances and stoicism.  Well that all came crashing down, and so lost and at my lowest point I contacted her.  To be honest I never thought I’d find my way out until I met Bahareh.  She was gentle and kind, she could clearly see my pain and sorrow, it was as if being with her took it all away, at first within the sessions and later even after the sessions.  Slowly and after a good few months I felt better, lighter, and more hopeful even.  Being in her presence alone was the most calming experience, I’d say even healing.  She never gave up on me, even when I felt that I had given up on myself and on life.  She believed in me and wanted the best for me, and yes I did a lot of the hard work too (that's what she would always say rather modestly) but honestly I don't know what I would’ve done without her.  She saved me in more ways than I could ever convey, her genuine empathy brought me back to life.  It's funny really because as I am writing this, two years on, it feels as if I am talking about someone else, that's how much I've changed and moved on.  If you are reading this, please know that there is support out there but you must take a leap of faith and as Bahareh would the process.” -- F.J.
"Bahareh has a special gift for making you feel comfortable – not just with her, but most importantly, with your own self. She has been a guiding voice in my life since I started therapy with her two years ago: The voice reminding me of my value, the voice enabling me to see things from a detached point of view, the voice bringing me back to myself when I’ve felt my most anxious, lost, and confused. Therapy with Bahareh means knowing that there is always someone who believes in you; someone who is on your side, no matter what. My experience with her has sent me on a journey of inner transformation I didn’t know was possible – I’ve felt my happiest, most content, and most grounded within myself since going to therapy with her. It is as if she’d held up a mirror to me where I could see myself clearly for the first time in my life. She’s helped me develop self-reliance and inner trust. Thank you Bahareh, I could not recommend you enough."  - P.K.

"Dr Bahareh has the rare ability to cut through all the crap and get straight to the root of the issue, and the place of pain and despair and in my case loneliness and subtle addictions.  She was able to help me uncover what has been going on for me from day one of our sessions together.  I had worked with a number of therapists before meeting her and I'll be honest I was pretty much done with the whole thing but after a friend recommended her I thought why not (with much resentment and zero hope).  And I was a brat about it, I mean pain in the $%&, don't want to do this, who do you think you are, going to act out, kind of brat and she wasn't having any of it....haha.  She was so kind and so calm, yet direct and to the point that it took me back at first.  She was very understanding of my reluctance and my pain and I guess general feelings of rejection, so honest and genuine that I couldn't help but open up, well it took about 2/3 months but eventually we got there.  That was the beginning of my long, eye opening, joyful and at times very painful journey to self-discovery, recovery and ultimately healing.  Although please know that I am and will forever be a work in progress.  Thank you Bahareh for being the beacon of light that you are." -- B.J.

“A Kindred spirit is a term that I think we’ve all heard before, and one that I feel truly applies to Bahareh. I have refrained from saying that I feel that she is my kindred spirit, because specifying it to me, would do a disservice to both her skill as a therapist and depth as a person. Bahareh has been blessed with the unique gift of true and authentic empathy, in turn she has the ability to be/ is a kindred spirit for all those that she helps. Bahareh has helped me process the breakdown of my familial unit, my personal development and ultimately grief and loss, and at each step, her nuanced insights, candour and kindness have both alleviated my troubles and pushed my development. I cannot recommend her enough as a professional, and feel blessed to now count her as a friend.”  - A.T. 

"Overcoming grief, anxiety, self-doubt, relationship issues and helping me process traumas...

I sought out therapy primarily to help tackle my anxiety and low self-esteem after a couple of challenging years (covid, mid-life, poor romantic relationships, and death, amongst other things), and to overcome my negative thought processes that were holding me back greatly in my relationships with others and especially with myself. I believe that I was in a state of high-functioning depression which was not easy to notice for my inner circle or the outside world but was really affecting my general mood, my sleep, self-esteem, decisiveness, and energy level. I felt I was no longer able to cope and everything in my life was going wrong. I was constantly procrastinating, which prevented me from working productively (on my own business), growing, and building lasting romantic relationships. I needed help getting me out of that funk and working on my self-love.

Bahareh really helped me to understand and articulate the origins of deeply embedded patterns of negative and self-defeating thinking and helped me (and that was very important for me) allow myself to acknowledge and process my feelings. She made me understand the impact some childhood traumas had on me, and how recent events had brought them back to the surface. I knew there were things bubbling below the surface that were affecting how I formed relationships and the way I have behaved in certain situations, but I didn’t know what they were or how to deal with them.

Throughout my sessions with Bahareh, I never felt that I was holding anything back and that is rare as I usually avoid showing weaknesses or vulnerability. She helped me understand things about myself that I would have never been able to achieve alone. Uncover traumas I had long buried and was unwilling to face. I felt like she understood me and helped me articulate my thoughts and feelings in ways I never did before. I would often even joke that she was a witch due to her ability to see through me. I believe this comes from her years of experience and naturally calm and caring demeanor.

Bahareh is professional, eloquent, and non-judgmental. She is also compassionate while being proactive and constructively challenging when she needs to be. I needed someone that could challenge me on my own BS. And Bahareh certainly did that. Not in a critical way but in a smart and compassionate way. She made me realize my bad patterns and understand where they came from. She would listen carefully to what I had to say and always had a way of asking me the right question at the right time; the questions that made me think more deeply about my feelings than I ever had in my life, and then challenged me to express and reflect on it. I found this combination of empathy and robust testing of my negative perceptions immensely helpful.

Now that my sessions have temporarily come to an end, I’m so grateful to “feel myself” again and to know myself in a much more clear and coherent way. I feel in control, productive, grounded, and confident in all parts of my life and most importantly, I feel capable of moving forward in my life. Close people around me are often telling me now that I look “good/happier/stronger”. I attribute this change to my sessions, together with other work I have done on myself.

I’m immensely grateful for her time and work, and I recommend anyone to seek out an introductory session with Bahareh." -- D.E.F.

"You have been instrumental in helping me face my emotions and be in touch with them.  I actually felt numb before, but you gave me the ability and time to explore my feelings.  I have been blessed to have an angel like you, to counsel, guide and support me through the most difficult and darkest times of my life.  It seems like a large portion of my life was like a shadow, and I avoided intimacy for obvious reasons, fear was a large part, you helped me face the scars too.  I do believe there are no coincidences in life and you came into my life and saved it from destruction and despair.  God knows what the future may bring but I feel hopeful and in control and I do feel your mission is complete.  Thank you wholeheartedly for your commitment, love and support." -- L.H.

"Dear Bahareh, thank you so much for helping me through my bad times.  You have helped me to get my strength back and now I feel I am ready to fly on my own.  Thank you for being my ‘magic feather’…from the bottom of my heart – Thanks." -- M.C.

"Bahareh, you challenge me so I can be me.  For that I’ll always be thankful and something I’ll never forget.  You’ve pushed me, at times even pissed me off but it’s been an insight – I know things about me I never knew or thought of.  At times it was a laugh too! Thank you so much, I’m truly grateful, you’ve really helped open me up." -- R.A.


"How will I know if I can get better? That’s the doubt I had about starting therapy. I had no idea if I ever could get better. 


Bahareh, who I didn’t know at all, explained that it would take years. I was daunted by the timeline but appreciated the honesty and took the plunge.


I went to Bahareh with a specific problem. Over-eating and drinking too much alcohol was damaging my late middle-aged health. 


Almost three years later. Am I better? Well yes and no. 


The sessions with Bahareh have been a revelation: I understand a lot more about why I feel the way I do about so many things. Crucially, I know a lot more now about what I need to avoid in life and what I should do more of.


Bahareh’s invaluable contribution to this new awareness has been delivered with patience and calm in a non-judgemental and expert fashion. 


Back to the question, am I better? The answer is not yet. But I feel I am a lot closer to a decent recovery than I was when I started.


Bahareh has given me some knowledge and insight I badly needed and she continues to open up new layers of my being.


I would highly recommend Bahareh to anyone who needs to understand themselves better with a view to improving their lives. My experience has been that it’s a very good investment!" -- N.M.

"Thank you for helping me to make the change from someone who could see no future, to someone that can see the future is bright and holds no fear.  If I had to list the most important change, I think you helped me find me, and with that starting point I have been able to rebuild myself bit by bit. I love all the awareness I have found, but most important I love me and I can believe in myself and trust myself to make positive choices, changes and that has made me very happy.  There are far too many changes but one thing I will always remember is you made it possible.  So I am looking forward with optimism, belief and hope.  Respect to you will always be in my heart." --  P.C.

"I was in a desperate, horrible, lonely place

A boy, trapped in a man’s body

I felt my whole life had been a waste

But by some arrangement, you came into my life

You helped me to traverse dense jungles of pain and strife

With much kindness and compassion

You followed me into the darkest depths of despair

But unlike many others; you stayed with me there

There was no avoidance or adding a positive spin

You acknowledged the mountain of sadness within

Strong and fierce yet gentle and soft

You led me through the jungle with your expert touch

Week after week we hacked through the bushes and thorns

Many emotions rose to the surface; hate, anger, bitterness and scorn

However as we kept hacking, I began to see some light

A ray of hope bursting through; clearer plains were in sight

Bahareh I’ll never be able to repay you for what you’ve done

You gave me a way out when I thought I had none

A beautiful soul, our guide and well wisher

You give me strength in this battle of attrition

So as hard as it is, I’ll keep fighting the good fight

I keep fighting to become who I’m meant to be

And I know when I get there

You will surely be happy" -- K.P.

"Thank you for your help, it is not always easy to understand people and takes a lot of skill.  Thank you for listening and understanding." -- C.A.

"It was scary for me to start a new batch of therapy, knowing this time it was going to delve deeper than my work-related stress therapy. You were patient and made me feel comfortable from the start. You created a safe space for sharing and I never felt judged or pushed or rushed. My mental health will never be perfect (will anybody’s?!?!) but you gave me a space to explore my thought processes without judgement and helped me to discover things about myself that have led to a real mental transformation. I’m more resilient and compassionate and feel more equipped to handle myself and adapt to the highs and lows of life. Thank you!!!" -- L.H.
"It's often that we believe we need therapy but rarely do we want it because it forces us to confront things which perhaps we're not always prepared for. Well, at least this was the case for me.  Bahareh helped me have conversations with myself which I probably never would have. She guided me in probing deeper, and when it got a bit much (because the truth is, good therapy always will) she remained composed and thorough. Trust with your therapist is fundamental and I cannot describe how much I trust Bahareh as my therapist to help me conduct rational thoughts. Bahareh's intelligence never failed to surface, whether it came in the form of providing analogies, sharp perceptive responses or simply asking exploratory questions.  Throughout my time with Bahareh, I transitioned through many versions of myself. Bahareh attended the funeral of each version and welcomed the birth of every 'new me'. It's thanks to Bahareh that I've unlocked several aspects of my life."   - P.T.

"Thank you very much for all of your love and support to us both together and individually.  You have been the most powerful, positive force in our lives and made a real difference to us." -- C.A.

"Going to see Bahareh was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whilst my intention was to 'solve' a particular problem, I ended up entering the biggest journey of self discovery I could have ever imagined over the course of almost two years. The 'magic' doesn't just happen within a 50 minute session, it largely happens between sessions too, as you gradually uncover and challenge your deeply engrained, often unhelpful, thinking patterns, feeling them shift to free you up to love, creativity and joy. Bahareh creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and understanding and provides a safe, non-judgmental space to grapple with any issue. I would recommend therapy with Bahareh to absolutely anyone, we can all benefit from personal growth! All it takes is an open mind, patience and honesty. Thank you Bahareh for helping me to relearn how to live from the heart!"   - C.K.

"I found working with Bahareh incredibly helpful during a time of multiple external difficulties. Bahareh helped me gain perspective, clarity and a little distance from the events, so as I could begin to observe them and develop healthy coping skills. We also identified patterns in my own beliefs and behaviour that weren’t helpful, with that insight I am more able to take control of who I am and how I want to react."  - J.B.

"Dear Bahareh, thank you for helping me find myself..." --- C.B.

"When I first came to Bahareh I was not in a good place, I was feeling depressed and was struggling to deal with my problems. During my sessions with Bahareh I was able to express myself and discuss my life which lead to me being able to work out the root cause of my problems. I would honestly recommend Bahareh to anyone who feels they need counselling. She helped me overcome what was bringing me down."   - J.P.



"Bahareh has been my Psychotherapist for 4 years.  She is empathetic which helps to create a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings.  I have been able to work through trauma in our sessions where Bahareh has identified links and patterns with the present and the past. She has provided a new perspective and shown me tools and resources that has helped me to become my own therapist. This has been really useful to me, especially when I am in between sessions.  I would highly recommend Bahareh's services based on what I have written above, and also because she will work at a pace you are comfortable with."   - A.B.

"Things continue to fall into place from my appointments with you and I often want to tell you about realisations I’ve had that you helped me with. I was laughing to myself the other day when I said I didn’t want to do something without giving a great long list of reasons and apologies.  I often think how grateful I am to have met you at this particular time in my life. I can’t begin to say how much our sessions helped me. And your skill in guiding me to exactly the right sources of learning via books and resources and recommendations.  Thank you so much for everything. You have been pivotal in my recovery and I can’t thank you enough."   - D.C.

"My time spent in therapy with Bahareh allowed me to uncover and deal with many long standing issues. Our sessions have led me to a greater understanding and acceptance of myself and I have come out the other side barely recognising the person I was when I started.  I felt that Bahareh truly cared about my progress and she created a safe environment for me to talk and work through the issues I had been experiencing. She was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, insightful, and patient. Though it was not always easy, it has been a very positive experience that I believe will have lasting effects. Bahareh truly is a wonderful therapist."  - S.P.


"It would be fair to say that I was a therapy skeptic prior to working with Dr B. Like most males, I don't find talking about my thoughts and feelings easy or enjoyable. However, despite this hesitancy I found the early sessions to be both cathartic and surprising. It was good to talk about the addiction issues I was facing and surprising where those chats went as a basis of understanding what was behind the issues themselves. Wind forward to now, not only do I have a greater understanding of myself and my past, the issues I had are now much more under control and my sessions with Dr B played no small part in getting me to a place where my life is back on track and more enjoyable as a result. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Dr B to others faced with similar addiction issues to my own."  - A.B.

"Bahareh provides a supportive and safe environment for you to open up and confront your inner feelings, concerns and desires. She has enabled me to address fundamental areas of my life that I was not conscious of to help me become a more well-rounded individual. Her ability to connect with you on so many levels only enhances your experience and I would certainly not hesitate in recommending her."  - S.P.

"I had worked with a therapist before finding Bahareh for quite a prolonged period previously, and in my experience, I feel that I got much more out of my sessions with her than I had done in my first experience with therapy. With Bahareh’s straightforward, down-to-earth approach, practical and useful insights, I was able to forge a way forward to be able to get through a very difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her, and would most certainly return to her should anything arise that I feel needs addressing."  - E.J.

"Bahareh is an excellent and intuitive therapist. Our work together was my first experience of psychotherapy - I was at a very low point and struggling to see a way forward, so it took a lot of courage for me to ask for help. Bahareh explained clearly how our sessions could work, and put me immediately at ease.  Bahareh holds the space carefully - a deep theoretical knowledge clearly underpins her work, but the focus always remains on supporting you to find the answers you need within yourself. I found our time together to be very empowering. Even now - years after we finished working together - I continue to use what I learned in therapy to take care of myself, and to support me as I heal and grow."  - R.D.

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