“A Kindred spirit is a term that I think we’ve all heard before, and one that I feel truly applies to Bahareh. I have refrained from saying that I feel that she is my kindred spirit, because specifying it to me, would do a disservice to both her skill as a therapist and depth as a person. Bahareh has been blessed with the unique gift of true and authentic empathy, in turn she has the ability to be/ is a kindred spirit for all those that she helps. Bahareh has helped me process the breakdown of my familial unit, my personal development and ultimately grief and loss, and at each step, her nuanced insights, candour and kindness have both alleviated my troubles and pushed my development. I cannot recommend her enough as a professional, and feel blessed to now count her as a friend.”   - A.T. 
"It's often that we believe we need therapy but rarely do we want it because it forces us to confront things which perhaps we're not always prepared for. Well, at least this was the case for me.  Bahareh helped me have conversations with myself which I probably never would have. She guided me in probing deeper, and when it got a bit much (because the truth is, good therapy always will) she remained composed and thorough. Trust with your therapist is fundamental and I cannot describe how much I trust Bahareh as my therapist to help me conduct rational thoughts. Bahareh's intelligence never failed to surface, whether it came in the form of providing analogies, sharp perceptive responses or simply asking exploratory questions.  Throughout my time with Bahareh, I transitioned through many versions of myself. Bahareh attended the funeral of each version and welcomed the birth of every 'new me'. It's thanks to Bahareh that I've unlocked several aspects of my life."   - P.T.

"Bahareh has a special gift for making you feel comfortable – not just with her, but most importantly, with your own self. She has been a guiding voice in my life since I started therapy with her two years ago: The voice reminding me of my value, the voice enabling me to see things from a detached point of view, the voice bringing me back to myself when I’ve felt my most anxious, lost, and confused. Therapy with Bahareh means knowing that there is always someone who believes in you; someone who is on your side, no matter what. My experience with her has sent me on a journey of inner transformation I didn’t know was possible – I’ve felt my happiest, most content, and most grounded within myself since going to therapy with her. It is as if she’d held up a mirror to me where I could see myself clearly for the first time in my life. She’s helped me develop self-reliance and inner trust. Thank you Bahareh, I could not recommend you enough."  - P.K.

"Going to see Bahareh was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whilst my intention was to 'solve' a particular problem, I ended up entering the biggest journey of self discovery I could have ever imagined over the course of almost two years. The 'magic' doesn't just happen within a 50 minute session, it largely happens between sessions too, as you gradually uncover and challenge your deeply engrained, often unhelpful, thinking patterns, feeling them shift to free you up to love, creativity and joy. Bahareh creates an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance and understanding and provides a safe, non-judgmental space to grapple with any issue. I would recommend therapy with Bahareh to absolutely anyone, we can all benefit from personal growth! All it takes is an open mind, patience and honesty. Thank you Bahareh for helping me to relearn how to live from the heart!"   - C.K.

"I found working with Bahareh incredibly helpful during a time of multiple external difficulties. Bahareh helped me gain perspective, clarity and a little distance from the events, so as I could begin to observe them and develop healthy coping skills. We also identified patterns in my own beliefs and behaviour that weren’t helpful, with that insight I am more able to take control of who I am and how I want to react."  - J.B.


"When I first came to Bahareh I was not in a good place, I was feeling depressed and was struggling to deal with my problems. During my sessions with Bahareh I was able to express myself and discuss my life which lead to me being able to work out the root cause of my problems. I would honestly recommend Bahareh to anyone who feels they need counselling. She helped me overcome what was bringing me down."   - J.P.


"Bahareh has been my Psychotherapist for 4 years.  She is empathetic which helps to create a safe space to share my thoughts and feelings.  I have been able to work through trauma in our sessions where Bahareh has identified links and patterns with the present and the past. She has provided a new perspective and shown me tools and resources that has helped me to become my own therapist. This has been really useful to me, especially when I am in between sessions.  I would highly recommend Bahareh's services based on what I have written above, and also because she will work at a pace you are comfortable with."   - A.B.


"Things continue to fall into place from my appointments with you and I often want to tell you about realisations I’ve had that you helped me with. I was laughing to myself the other day when I said I didn’t want to do something without giving a great long list of reasons and apologies.  I often think how grateful I am to have met you at this particular time in my life. I can’t begin to say how much our sessions helped me. And your skill in guiding me to exactly the right sources of learning via books and resources and recommendations.  Thank you so much for everything. You have been pivotal in my recovery and I can’t thank you enough."   - D.C.

"My time spent in therapy with Bahareh allowed me to uncover and deal with many long standing issues. Our sessions have led me to a greater understanding and acceptance of myself and I have come out the other side barely recognising the person I was when I started.  I felt that Bahareh truly cared about my progress and she created a safe environment for me to talk and work through the issues I had been experiencing. She was extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, insightful, and patient. Though it was not always easy, it has been a very positive experience that I believe will have lasting effects. Bahareh truly is a wonderful therapist."  - S.P.

"It would be fair to say that I was a therapy skeptic prior to working with Dr B. Like most males, I don't find talking about my thoughts and feelings easy or enjoyable. However, despite this hesitancy I found the early sessions to be both cathartic and surprising. It was good to talk about the addiction issues I was facing and surprising where those chats went as a basis of understanding what was behind the issues themselves. Wind forward to now, not only do I have a greater understanding of myself and my past, the issues I had are now much more under control and my sessions with Dr B played no small part in getting me to a place where my life is back on track and more enjoyable as a result. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Dr B to others faced with similar addiction issues to my own."  - A.B.

"Bahareh provides a supportive and safe environment for you to open up and confront your inner feelings, concerns and desires. She has enabled me to address fundamental areas of my life that I was not conscious of to help me become a more well-rounded individual. Her ability to connect with you on so many levels only enhances your experience and I would certainly not hesitate in recommending her."  - S.P.



"I had worked with a therapist before finding Bahareh for quite a prolonged period previously, and in my experience, I feel that I got much more out of my sessions with her than I had done in my first experience with therapy. With Bahareh’s straightforward, down-to-earth approach, practical and useful insights, I was able to forge a way forward to be able to get through a very difficult time in my life. I would highly recommend her, and would most certainly return to her should anything arise that I feel needs addressing."  - E.J.

"Bahareh is an excellent and intuitive therapist. Our work together was my first experience of psychotherapy - I was at a very low point and struggling to see a way forward, so it took a lot of courage for me to ask for help. Bahareh explained clearly how our sessions could work, and put me immediately at ease.  Bahareh holds the space carefully - a deep theoretical knowledge clearly underpins her work, but the focus always remains on supporting you to find the answers you need within yourself. I found our time together to be very empowering. Even now - years after we finished working together - I continue to use what I learned in therapy to take care of myself, and to support me as I heal and grow."  - R.D.